Debi Freeland

California State Certified Massage Practitioner (CAMTC #20109)

Chair Massage Services

Debi with a client at Sutter Lakeside Hospital in Lakeport, CA. The hospital partnered with the Lake County Tribal Health Consortium Outreach Department to create a peaceful retreat for American Indian women receiving mammograms.
Debi's vision and how her Chair Massage Business Program would tie into your venue (e.g., company picnic) or place of business is simple: Imagine employees being able to experience complete relaxation without ever having to leave the premises... Relaxed employees are better able to handle the increased workload of today's business world. Generally speaking, relaxed employees do not access the healthcare system as often which equates to a huge savings potential in healthcare costs!
Customized to your company's particular needs, Debi's Chair Massage Business Program...
* Takes up very little space while doing sessions using her Stronglite Ergo Pro Portable Massage Chair. This assures an uninterrupted office schedule. 
* Is fast, effective and not intimidating since the massage is done through clothing.
* Leaves employees feeling relaxed and energized.
* Offers simple solutions to better health with easy techniques that are shared at the end of the session.
* Can be done at a variety of venues, both indoors and outdoors.
* Has affordable rates. It can be paid by the employees, split between employee and employer or employer paid.
Debi is an insured Independent Contractor who is a Certified Massage Practitioner with the State of California (CAMTC #20109). She will provide the necessary paperwork, i.e., initial business proposal, proof of certification, Additional Insured Endorsement, sign-up sheet, flyer and current IRS Form W-9. 
Call (707) 245-7552 for a complimentary sample massage, at your place of business, so your executive and supervisory staff can feel the good benefits of Debi's Chair Massage Business Program.  These clients did...
Ernesto Padilla, Executive Director ~ Lake County Tribal Health Consortium, Inc. ~ Lakeport, CA
"I wanted to compliment and thank you for the services you have provided our team here at Lake County Tribal Health Consortium Inc. You have exceeded our expectations of how relaxing a 15-minute chair massage can be. Our experience with you was exceptional and very much appreciated.  The professional and considerate nature brought forth made you a pleasure to do business with. We wanted to let you know how satisfied the entire team at LCTHC was with the services you have provided. The thank you letters from staff continue to fill my inbox with raving reviews of your services. We would have no hesitation in recommending anyone else to you."

Sutter Lakeside HospitalSutter Health Community Clinic & Family Medicine Clinic ~ Lakeport, CA

Allison Panella, Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer wrote:

"Debi has worked with Sutter Lakeside on several occasions to provide our valued staff with exquisite chair massages.  Debi has made it easy for staff members to come to work and get a 15 minute chair massage on their break. She has also come to special events and provided the same exceptional service.  Receiving a massage from Debi is relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalizing!  Thank you, Debi."

Linda Laing, MFT, Director of Bereavement Services ~ Hospice Services of Lake County ~ Lakeport, CA

"I have immense gratitude for Debi Freeland and the massage work that she provides. For the past few years she has donated her time and talents to our annual Wings of Hope Family Bereavement Camp. Our participants have suffered the death of a loved one, some sudden deaths where trauma is associated. Debi is quickly able to establish trust, instill a calming presence allowing the participants to relax, let healing in and release pain. This takes a professionally attuned individual, and Debi is such a person."

The Staff of Lincoln -Leavitt Insurance Agency ~ Lakeport, CA

"Debi Brings her Spa Feel to the Workplace! We at Lincoln-Leavitt are big fans of Debi and her traveling massage chair!  Imagine the once-conference-room now a spa setting with soft music, essential oils, the perfect massage chair and voila-- the miracle hands of Debi Freeland!  ‘Course it’s no secret as to why her massage is so exceptional:  one minute with Debi and you can feel her loving heart and energy flowing from her hands.  It is one of the most peaceful & healing massages you will ever receive... We highly recommend that you treat yourself and your co-workers to a massage day with Debi: she will bless your busy day with a serene slice of Heaven!"

Pam Norris, Administrator ~ Crestwood Center  ~ Angwin, CA

"Debi is the best! She came to my facility, with her massage chair, to provided some much earned self care for my employees. We work in a challenging field caring for those that suffer from Mental Health issues. As caregivers we give a lot but find it difficult to care for ourselves at times. Debi is loving, gentle, nourishing, very professional and makes your feel like a very special person. I would highly recommend you take advantage of her gifts and share that with your staff."

Keith Long, D.D.S. ~ Keith Long Dentistry ~ Lakeport, CA

"... I even have her come to my office and spend the day and massage my staff and patients. Debi, prompted from just one question or idea, will email you literature and experiences of others, to educate and get you more involved in your care. No massage therapist has ever done that for me... Whether you are recovering from an injury or just need a thoroughly relaxing massage, I strongly and with out hesitation recommend Debi Freeland to aid you in improving your life."
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