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California State Certified Massage Practitioner (CAMTC #20109)

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Deb Harrell, Plant-Based Naturopathic Doctor ~ ~ Florida

"I want to share a testimony about an amazing massage that I received from Debi. I had been having a lot of back and neck issues, prior to seeing her.  I've been to many massage therapists, over the years, including using various techniques like RNR (Retained Neonatal Reflexes). Debi's approach not only had my back and neck I feeling better that day, but the relief has lasted! Debi is professional and she uses a lot of techniques that I've never experienced. Her massage was one of the best I've ever had, from a therapeutic standpoint. Amazing! I highly recommend Debi and give her 5 stars out of 5!" 

Allison Panella, Executive Assistant to the CAO ~ Sutter Lakeside Hospital ~ Lakeport, CA

"Debi has worked with Sutter Lakeside on several occasions to provide our valued staff with exquisite chair massages.  Debi has made it easy for staff members to come to work and get a 15 minute chair massage on their break. She has also come to special events and provided the same exceptional service.  Receiving a massage from Debi is relaxing, rejuvenating and revitalizing!  Thank you, Debi."   

Linda Laing, M.F.T., Director of Bereavement Services ~ Hospice Services of Lake County ~ Lakeport, CA

"I have immense gratitude for Debi Freeland and the massage work that she provides. For the past few years she has donated her time and talents to our Wings of Hope Family Bereavement camp. Our participants have suffered the death of a loved one, some sudden deaths where trauma is associated. Debi is quickly able to establish trust, instill a calming presence allowing the participants to relax, let healing in and release pain. This takes a professionally attuned individual, and Debi is such a person."

JoAnn Saccato, MA ~ Compassion-Based Mindfulness ~ Cobb, CA

"Thank you so very much for the absolutely wonderful massage. I truly felt like I had experienced a full spa treatment with all the lush pampering that goes along with it. You have an expert touch and sense for going to the edge of comfort, which provides for deep tissue release. I left feeling free of any aches or pains! It was wonderful. Thank you for your tremendous gift!"

Theresa Pack, Educator / Founder (Debi's initial instructor ) ~ Mendocino School of Holistic Massage and Advanced healing Arts ~ Redwood Valley, CA

"Yesterday was fabulous! I had a 2 hour massage, health and beauty treatment, from Debi Freeland. Her work is so profound, caring and intuitive. I really benefited from her Healing Hands. Thank you so much, Debi!"

Camille Gouldberg, Massage Healthcare Professional | MELTmethod Hand & Foot Instructor  (Debi's mentor & friend) ~ Clearlake Oaks, CA

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Debi since 2003. We worked together with a team of massage therapists for several years providing quality massages for participants at PSI Seminars, Inc. at High Valley Ranch.  I could always depend on Debi bringing her love, caring and enthusiasm to each event... I have also receive Debi's amazing massages. Her superb service would rival any 5-star resort massage. Not able to get away for a vacation? Then treat yourself to a Debi massage!"

Joanie Lane, Meditation Teacher / Reiki Master-Teacher / Healing Qigong Leader / Certified Life Coach / Certified Spiritual Coach ~ A Positive Light ~ Kelseyville, CA

"Debi gave me the most wonderful massage! I felt so pampered throughout the entire experience and truly did NOT want to leave. Can't wait to get back to her healing hands and experience the bliss once more. She is a very special woman with an incredible touch!"

Anita Swanson-Speake, Author ~ www. ~ Kelseyville, CA

“Debi has been my massage therapist for years now, and with each passing year she just keeps getting better and better. She listens to your concerns and checks in with you during the massage to see if adjustments need to be made. She integrates optional aromatherapy into the massage which I love. Debi is professional and kind. I really like how she conducts her business. Known as The Connector, Debi is an avid supporter of other healthcare professionals. She helps them to grow their business  by sharing their news and events with her contacts.

Anthony Farrington, Attorney at Law ~ Lake County Supervisor, District 4 ~ Kelseyville, CA

"I have known Debi for a number of years. She gives a wonderful massage. She is always attentive and caring. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to have the tension of their muscles released -- just sit back and relax and enjoy the massage!" 

The Staff at Lincoln - Leavitt Insurance Agency ~ Lakeport, CA

 "Debi Brings her Spa Feel to the Workplace! We at Lincoln-Leavitt are big fans of Debi and her traveling massage chair!  Imagine the once-conference-room now a spa setting with soft music, essential oils, the perfect massage chair and voila-- the miracle hands of Debi Freeland!  ‘Course it’s no secret as to why her massage is so exceptional:  one minute with Debi and you can feel her loving heart and energy flowing from her hands.  It is one of the most peaceful & healing massages you will ever receive... We highly recommend that you treat yourself and your co-workers to a massage day with Debi: she will bless your busy day with a serene slice of Heaven!"

Heidi Fitzsimmons, Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC #3014) ~ Lakeport, CA

"Today I had another great massage by Debi; and, I'm so glad to have her as a therapist! She is articulate with a true sense of presence and flow that requires more than a linear understanding of the human body. That comes with experience. For the way I feel now, hours later, I am very grateful to be her client! Thanks Debi!"

Jason K. Norris, Founder ~

"5 Star Review: Debi offers an amazing massage experience, here in Lake County, that totally set me straight yesterday! Attention to detail, generous and kind spirit, gentle yet powerful technique, healing hands, and a very relaxing atmosphere complete with essential oils and heated towels... She will reset your system, uplift your spirit, and de-stress your mind. Highly recommended!!!"

Stuart Camps, Director ~ Sacred Camel Gardens ~ Middletown, CA

"Debi was willing to see me on very short notice, which I appreciated as I was in a LOT of pain from an upper back muscle tear. Debi's quality massage, combined with her artful use of  Biofreeze, provided deep relief within about an hour of the massage. This set my back on a path of healing."

Dr. Melody Ivory ~ San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"It's only through the extreme attention to detail from... Debi that I transcended the mountain that stood between me and my inner and outer peace. Debi worked out every kink with precision. I've worked with over a dozen masseuse, and she is indeed the best. The word "masseuse" doesn't begin to describe her." 

Maggie Riessen-Plath, Applications Analyst for Palo Alto Medical Foundation / Sutter Health Support Services ~ Kelseyville, CA

"After my two hour massage, I told Debi that she knows how to push my button... the RESET BUTTON!"

Molly Burke, CPCC, MSU ~ San Francisco Bay Area, CA

"I needed a great massage therapist for a retreat I was hosting for a small group of VIP clients in serious need of some high quality pampering. Debi and her fellow therapist were the consummate professionals, competent and thoughtful to the last detail. We were treated to soothing music, delightful aromatherapy, and excellent massages, one and all. Debi also kindly referred me to the wonderful chef I chose for the retreat, which saved me time and a whole lot of trouble. I gladly recommend Debi for her talents as a masseuse and as a facilitator of complete relaxation. 5 stars!"

Angie Wiggins, Guest ~ WorldMark Clear Lake ~ Nice, CA

"Clear Lake the most relaxing vacation, including best massage I have ever had! Besides the lake view unit, perhaps the crowning jewel of this visit was the in-unit massage (by Debi Freeland); this woman knows her stuff.  It was a deep tissue massage, without pain. She managed to relax muscles beneath muscles without any of the usual “ouch” associated with that level of muscle work.  What’s more, her style is unique and wonderful – for instance, wrapping my feet in warm moist towels, transforming her massage table into a warm comfy cloud, and then combining different techniques from aromatherapy to kneading, to percussion, to stretching; simply magnificent!" 

Keith Long, D.D.S. ~ Keith Long Dentistry ~ Lakeport, CA

"I am a busy general dentist in Lakeport, CA.  Like most of my colleagues, I suffer from intermittent back pain streaming from poor spine angle during the workday. On top of that I am very physically active, so down time is both frustrating and depressing... I have been going to Debi for massage therapy for about a year and a half. I have seen countless therapists in the past, some excellent some not. By far Debi Freeland is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. It isn’t just that she takes her time to know you and your body, she doesn’t watch “the clock” and is technically gifted, but she truly cares about your experience and her professionalism... I even have her come to my office and spend the day and massage my staff and patients. Debi, prompted from just one question or idea, will email you literature and experiences of others, to educate and get you more involved in your care. No massage therapist has ever done that for me... Whether you are recovering from an injury or just need a thoroughly relaxing massage, I strongly and with out hesitation recommend Debi Freeland to aid you in improving your life." 

Denise Marino, Realtor ~ RE/MAX ~ Lakeport, CA

"Debi is one of the best massage therapist I have encountered. She not only is very knowledgeable she is very in tune to your emotions and your body. You don't even have to tell her where your body needs extra work she just senses it and goes right to it. I prefer a deep tissue massage in which she delivers. It is not often you get a deep massage yet still feel relaxed and pampered. Debi has master that art. In order for me to recommend someone I have to be 110% sure. Needless to say I have recommended Debi to EVERYONE I CAN. It's an experience leaving you TOTALLY satisfied yet yearning for your next MASSAGE!!!"

Pam Norris, Administrator ~ Crestwood Center ~ Angwin, CA

"Debi is the best! She came to my facility, with her massage chair, to provided some much earned self care for my employees. We work in a challenging field caring for those that suffer from Mental Health issues. As caregivers we give a lot but find it difficult to care for ourselves at times. Debi is loving, gentle, nourishing, very professional and makes your feel like a very special person. I would highly recommend you take advantage of her gifts and share that with your staff."

Tina Woelbling-Hamner, Pilates to the Core Teacher ~ Kelseyville, CA

"I LOVED all the little extras you (Debi) do to keep somebody so comfortable. And, I also loved the different techniques you used. I could not think of anything to make this experience better. Your environment, your knowledge and passion is wonderful. I bragged in the classes this morning, about you, and will be back whenever I can. You are an asset for Lake County - do not ever move, please!"

Cie Callaway, Owner ~ Rocky Point Cottages ~ Lakeport, CA 

"I have had numerous massages over the years and have to say Debi is one of the best. She has some massage techniques that I have never experienced before (i.e., side massage and wonderful foot treatment). As an owner of a resort, Rocky Point Cottages, in Lakeport, I am so happy to be able to use her services frequently and refer her to our guests with confidence they will have a great massage."

Phyllis Parsons, Owner ~ The Parsons Company ~ Walnut Creek, CA

"I have been to Debi multiple times over the past year. She is hands down one of the best massage therapists out there. I am a big believer in getting a massage for therapeutic reasons and Debi is one of the first massage therapists to be able to remove the knot from my neck. I use a computer in my daily life and work and sitting at a desk creates tension in my neck and shoulders. I have also been in a car accident in the past. I can not explain how much relief I get from seeing Debi - and I can not wait to see her again. If you are in the area, I can highly recommend Debi for a massage." 

Charlie Lunt ~ Lakeport, CA

"Having lived with Parkinson's for the past ten years I have been able to get good treatment from my health provider, Kaiser Permanente... Over the years I've had many massage therapists, some better than others... From the first meeting Debi has been very professional, interviewing and taking notes, letting me know I was her first Parkinson's patient. She has done her own study of this disorder and even has recommended other treatments that could be beneficial to me... I have found her massage to be the best I've received with special attention to the pain and shaking of the left side of my body. I would recommend Debi to anyone seeking massage therapy." 

Patricia HawkSeva Ashram ~ Santa Cruz, CA

"Debi is a born Masseuse.  My husband and I received two 1-1/2 hour massages each (in one week) from her on our vacation in Clear Lake. These were the best massages we've had, ever. You feel like she has a need inside of her to give you the best massage. Always attentive with so many extra touches and ready to make whatever adjustments are necessary so that you have the best experience. We did." 

Theresa Mathur, Hawaii Certified Massage Therapist (retired) ~ Mendocino, CA 

"Being a massage therapist, myself, I have high expectations when receiving bodywork. To my delight, I found Debi Freeland. She's a wonderful therapist who knows what massage work is all about. Talented, sensitive and informative, Debi brings a new level of massage work to her table. I highly recommend her. Treat yourself to her profound massage." 

Kevin Village Stone / Kiwamura, Musician ~ Whispering Light  ~ Kelseyville, CA

"As a person who has undergone five spine operations and struggle with chronic pain, I am always on the lookout for skilled and knowledgeable people to keep me going. Debi Freeland in Lake County, CA is absolutely at the top of my list for body care. She has both the skill and "the touch" and is in a class far above most day spa services. Along with her body care work, she creates a relaxing enjoyable environment you will not want to leave. She puts a classy touch on her entire session and I highly recommend her if you want a premium spa treatment without the spa price."  

Leslie Sheridan, Entrepreneur ~ The Added Edge ~ Clearlake, CA

"Massage Therapist Recommendation:  I was recently gifted with a massage certificate for a massage from Debi Freeland, and can tell you that it was a delicious experience! Her massage is a true spa massage with all of the pampering touches!  She is a true giver and you, or someone you gift with one of her affordable massages, will be blessed by her touch and the experience."  

Pam Scully, Owner ~ Lakeport Furniture ~ Lakeport, CA

"Debi's massage and professionalism is superb. I can't hardly wait until the next massage. She is very talented and thorough at her trade. I felt great afterwards!" 

Barbara Wilson ~ Kelseyville, CA (currently living in Vietnam)

"If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift, I would suggest a massage from Debi...  Having lived overseas in Asia for a number of years, I got spoiled by having regular and excellent massages. Although I had heard rave reviews about Debi's massage, I was initially skeptical how good it would actually be. But after our session, I can honestly say it was one of the best ones that I  have ever had. I was especially impressed the way Debi took the time initially to learn about my needs and also her knowledge of the art of massage... Her home is a peaceful, tranquil setting for a massage; but, she also will come to your place, if you'd prefer... She had an innate understanding for the areas in my body that needed special attention. I enjoy a deep tissue massage and Debi was a master in delivering one. Whereas, my husband prefers a lighter massage and also has some back issues. Again, Debi was able to address his needs with equal awareness... Debi is a fabulous therapist and I look forward to my next massage session with her when I return in the summer." 

Kelly Williams, Guest ~ Sea Breeze Resort ~ Concord, CA

"Debi has come to the Seabreeze Resort in Glenhaven 2 years in a row, at our request, to provide my friends and I with her wonderful spa-like massage experience.  The aromatherapy, the moist towels, the soothing music and ambience she is able to create outside of a day spa in the comfort of our own guest rooms is amazing!  She has a knack of becoming in tune with her client so that she knows what you need without you even having to say it.  Her blend of stretches, joint work, deep tissue and relaxing swedish techniques combine to make for an incredibly healing massage treatment. On top of that, her prices are very reasonable so that you don't have to feel guilty about pampering yourself!  I can't wait to come back to Lake County again next year so I can treat myself to another massage by Debi!" 

Rita Villavincencio-Schmid ~ San Francisco, CA

"The Zen-Like experience overlooking the lake at The Lodge At Blue Lakes with the most serene, tranquil massage therapy by Debi was insurmountable!  It was a much needed, much appreciated relaxed massage I have ever had in Lake County.  I would highly recommend her services because of the quality, the ambiance and the scented oil that flows amidst this massage experience.  Debi is professional and will make you feel like you're floating on air after her deep tissue massage." 

Sharon Thorne ~ Nice, CA  

"Debi Freeland is a very professional caring health care provider. I use Debi to provide my massage when I can afford it. As I have many health issues, she is always willing to work around them. She is very knowledgeable about the body's functioning, and offers advice when asked. I would say she goes the extra mile to help with healing. She is willing to come to my home which I appreciate, as then I can relax after the massage, and not worry about dressing and driving home." 

Bonny Goselin, RDHAP ~ Lakeport, CA

"Debi gives a luxurious and nurturing massage.  She is warm, caring, sensitive and has great skills.  I am a massage junkie and I've experienced hundreds of massage therapists. Debi is definitely one of the BEST.  I highly recommend her. What a treat!" 

Debbie Bosetti ~ Daly City, CA

"Several times while visiting in Kelseyville I have had the best massage of my life with Debi. She offers several different kinds of massage, but I always pick my favorite, deep tissue. I love the fact that I can request certain areas, like my neck and shoulders, need special attention and Debi will work her magic. The fact that she will come to our location is a special treat. She brings everything with her, relaxing music, special oils, warm's all wonderful. I highly recommend Debi. She's very professional, and you can tell that she loves what she does by her warm and caring personality." 

Susan Harmon, Savvy Communications ~ Kelseyville, CA 

"I met Debi when my chiropractor referred me to her. I had been in a serious car accident and was suffering from soft tissue damage and pain. In just a few sessions with Debi, I was pain free for the first time in months. That allowed me to focus again on my consulting business. Debi is professional, polite, timely and highly skilled in therapeutic massage." 

Chuck Tell ~ Fort Bragg, CA

"I could not believe how good I felt. After Debi worked on me, I was as limp as a wet noodle. In fact, she had to wake me up to tell me we were finished. This was only my second massage in sixty years, and Debi made me feel regret for not doing this sooner. Have your pillow and a blanket handy, because you won't want to move after she is finished. If you want to be completely relaxed and care free, give Debi a call. She is thoroughly professional and more than competent. I recommend her to all of my friends."

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