Debi Freeland

California State Certified Massage Practitioner (CAMTC #20109)

Products Used

Debi Spoils Her Clients with Excellent Products

New retailer for MetaOrganics ~ "Naturally Occurring" 100% Synthetic Free Herbal and Nutrient Formulas.

Certified Virgin Organic Coconut Oil ~ Light and creamy smooth, this "cleaned" oil is highly emollient, edible and odorless. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft... never greasy.

Essential Oils ~ Used in aromatherapy, Debi uses a variety of excellent sources such as Amrita, doTERRA & Young Living Oils (multi-level marketers) and Sequoia Lyn-James (local woman).

Soothing Touch Lotions

Superior Relief for Joints & Muscles

Debi's Special Blend ~  100% Pure Arnica Montana Oil Extract and Cold Pressed/Processed Castor Oil in a delicious carrier oil.

Biofreeze ~ Cold Therapy Pain Relief with Menthol. See how it works in this kool  video.

Real Time Pain Relief ~ Exceptional pain relieving products for a variety of aches, pains, strains, sprains and arthritis!

Seven Minerals ~ Magnesium Oil with Aloe Vera spray.

Sombra ~ CoolWarm Therapy gels.

Tiger Balm Ultra Strength

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