Debi Freeland

California State Certified Massage Practitioner (CAMTC #20109)

Rates, Amenities & Special Offer

Ca$h, Check or Credit/Debit Cards Accepted

Rates are subject to change without notice.

$ave by going to Debi's studio to experience an excellent massage on a ridiculously comfortable table where the environment is calm, clean, smoke-free, and without distractions.

"Debi doesn't just massage someone. She creates an experience that goes far beyond the norm." ~ Robert Boccabella, Proprietor at Business Design Services

Bring your clean body dressed in comfortable clothing. If possible, please do not apply lotion, perfume, powder or makeup. Debi's quality lotions and oils will nourish your skin, long after the massage session.

Table Massage

 60 minutes $70

aka the Minimum Rate Fee (see Policies)

The 10 minute moist heat/cool treatment is not included.

70 minutes... $80

80 minutes... $90

90 minutes... $100


     Debi brings a portable massage table that's comfortable and wide, along with ample amenities (listed below).

Add a $30.00 travel fee per location close to Clear LakePlease call (707) 245-7552 for travel away from Clear Lake.

  A M E N I T I E S

    Memory Foam Topper*

Faux Fleece Cover (at your venue)

with optional...

Aromatherapy (essential oils)

 Moist Heat or Cool Treatment 

(applied to the client's choice of face, hands, back or feet)

Padded Table Warmer & Heated Socks

Soft Cotton or Flannel Sheets & Pillows

Surround Sound Music

Quiet Water Fountain*

* At Debi's studio.

Chair Massage & Group Rates

 Debi and her massage chair can travel to just about any venue. Visit Chair Massage Services and see Testimonials. Please call (707) 245-7552 for a quote.

S p e c i a l   O f f e r

60 Minute Introductory Massage

A $70.00 value. Fundraising efforts are aplenty in Lake County. Every year, Debi donates her massage services via silent auctions and raffle prizes for many organization's fundraisers such as the Konocti Lioness and Rotary Clubs, Soroptimist International, Lakeport Enhanced Education Foundation (L.E.E.F.), Lower Lake Historical School, Lake Community Pride Foundation, Lake County Historical Foundation, Lake Family Resource Center, and Soper Reese Community Theatre.

Gift Certificates have been discontinued.

Please see Policies  for details.

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