Debi Freeland

California State Certified Massage Practitioner (CAMTC #20109)



April 27, 1944 ~ July 18, 2017

Center for Healing Integration (CH'i*)

Chi (chee) literally translates as "breath", "air", or "gas", and figuratively as "material energy", "life force", or "energy flow". Qi is the central underlying principle in traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese martial arts.

Sandra's (sawn-dra) spirit lives through her friends, family, in her published writings, as the 2006 Lake County Poet Laureate Emerita, a KPFZ 88.1 FM "Accent on Words" radio talk show host, yoga instructor, distinguished massage therapist, teacher, gardener, medicinal herbologist, animal lover and more

"After moving to Lake County in 2001, I changed my occupation in the funeral business to becoming a massage professional. My first teacher was Theresa Pack (retired) who was the original owner of Mendocino School of Holistic Massage & Advanced Healing Arts in Redwood Valley, CA. Upon completion, I knew how important mentorship would be and found Jennifer Richardson (retired | Grateful Swan Massage) through the Kiwanis Lakeport Club in Lakeport, CA;  Sandra Wade (deceased) of Hailsham in East Sussex, England (born in Hertfordshire, England); and Camille Gouldberg of Clearlake, CA.

While still in school, and without a table, Jennifer allowed me to practice on her at her office. Her kind encouragement, insight and leads kick-started my long career!

​To help further our growth, Sandra created a triad with me and another novice (a man); thus, creating The Balance. We had meetings, gave each other massage, shared music and referrals. She opened the door for us at the Lakeview Health Center, where (for three years) we took turns doing weekly table massage for the staff .

​​With ​Camille's orchestration of massage therapists, yoga instructors and cosmetologists, I enjoyed working with Sandra for many years for the enrollees of the PSI Seminar's Women's Leadership courses at High Valley Ranch in Clearlake, CA. It was Jennifer Richardson who told me about this remarkable place.

People al​​ways ask me "Who does your massage?". My mentors and peers, of course! Sandra taught me so much, i.e., proper draping, how to protect our hands/wrists/fingers; and how to, gracefully, get on top of the table (for better leveraging) to deliver our healing massage.

​Sandra's Cup of Wisdom was bottomless. She opened my mind to many things... I remain forever grateful for having met this beautiful soul.​

Other remarkable people who have contributed greatly to my vocation, starts most honorably with the late, great Anne Card of Kelseyville (born in Cambridge, England); Jeannie Vierra of Indian Valley, CA; Dallas Gouldberg of Clearlake, CA; and Sandi Ratterree formerly of Lake County, CA to name a few."

~ Debi Freeland, C.M.P.

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                    Balance Sandra

As Debi's spiritual-healthcare mentor and good friend, Camille Gouldberg, says: "Massage is just one leg of the animal called Health." 

Other healthy lifestyle "legs" might include:

* Taking quality vitamin and herbal supplements.

* Learning stretching, rolling and breathing techniques.

* Attending yoga classes, joining a gym or water aerobics class.

* Getting regular acupuncture and/or chiropractic vertebral subluxation adjustments.

* Walking, hiking and dancing.

* Enjoying retreats and/or taking regular, non stressful vacations.

* Meditating.

* Incorporating naps

* Turning off all computer devices at a certain time of the day and/or, once per week,  for an entire day.

* Reading a good book.

* Practicing positive thinking.

* Having healthy eating habits.

* Getting a good night's sleep.

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